Judo JPF Manual & Automatic Ranges – DN125-DN200

Inline Strainers

Back washable Grit Removal Filters

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  • Pipe Connections available from 125mm-200mm
  • Available in manual & automatic option (pressure differential with manual override)
  • Separate electrical control box
  • Minimal pressure loss – only 0.2 bar on clean sieve
  • Fully back washable without the need to interrupt the water flow or open the filter unit – no replacement cartridges or bag filters
  • Manual Backwashing via top hand-wheel or automated
  • Superior cleaning ratio of 1:1 with point of rotation technology
  • 100 micron stainless steel sieve with silver coating to inhibit bacterial growth
  • Point of rotation flush valve technology
  • Easily monitored with clear viewing chamber to enable you to observe the degree of fouling on the sieve
  • No interruption to the water supply while the backwashing process is engaged
  • Backwashing process operates on water pressure not flow rate so can be initiated while no water is running
  • Easily installed with flanged connections
  • No salt or chemical used for cleaning so waste water can be utilised for irrigation purposes
  • Recommended for commercial, industrial or municipal applications
  • Quality guaranteed with German design & manufacture
Judo JPF Manual & Automatic Ranges – DN125-DN200
Judo JPF Manual & Automatic Ranges – DN125-DN200

Installation and Operating Instructions:

[button size=’small’ text=”Manual” icon=’fa-angle-right’ link=’https://claus.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/23-Installation-Operating-Instructions-Profi-Manual-DN125-200.pdf’ target=’_blank’ ] [button size=’small’ text=”Automatic” icon=’fa-angle-right’ link=’https://claus.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/25-Installation-Operating-Instructions-Profimat-Automatic-DN125-200.pdf’ target=’_blank’ ]