About Claus Water Specialists

What We Do:

We are suppliers of quality water purification products and accessories. We also provide water purification services to clients, engineers and architects.

Mission Statement:

We strive to be the leading and preferred water purification products, service suppliers and associated products in Sub Saharan Africa. We achieve this by nurturing strategic partners.

Competitive Edge:

Our competitive edge will be supported by competent, inspired and motivated people who will provide world class service and solutions in a socially and environmentally friendly manner. Our growth is secured by generating sustaining and superior returns.

Growth Strategy:

Our growth strategy is achieved by focusing on strategic alliances with companies and individuals on the Sub-Saharan African continent, thus forming a solid foundation on which to build. Business Goals: Our business goals are formulated on growth potential and product diversification. Our product range, associated products, services and accessories form the core foundation. We plan to have outlets throughout the provinces within a five year period.

Products and Services:

Our product range includes:

Our services range includes:

  • Inspecting plumbing installations and issuing of compliance certificates.
  • Independent plumbing quality control inspections for clients , engineers and architects.
  • Preventive plumbing maintenance inspections.
  • Independent snagging of plumbing construction projects for clients, engineers and architects.

Management and Ownership:

Claus Water Specialist is a sole proprietor and is owned and managed by Mr. Cedric Claus. The company has been providing water purification products and services since 2008.

Our expertise was derived from being involved in the plumbing industry as a registered licensed master plumber for over 41 years.

Filtration projects | Cedric Claus
Filtration projects | Cedric Claus
anti lime-scale projects | Cedric Claus
Filtration projects | Cedric Claus