Quick Installation Guide

for Judo Grit Removal Systems

Judo installation guid | Claus water specialists
  • It is beneficial to install the unit at the point of entry to a building on the incoming municipal feed to protect your complete plumbing installation.
  • Unit to be installed after a pressure regulating valve rated to suit the buildings requirements but not to exceed 10 bar.
  • Ensure that the quickset E fitting is installed with the flow arrow showing in the direction of the water flow into the building.
  • A bypass link must be installed to enable the unit to be maintained without turning the main water feed off to the building. Isolating ball valves to be installed to suit.
  • Installed unit must be adequately secured to a structure to restrict movement when backwashing.
  • Unit must be installed out of direct sunlight. External option is in an ammo box for the smaller units or an electrical DB enclosure for the bigger units. Contact supplier if additional clarity is needed. Leave enough space around the unit for ease of maintenance and flushing.
  • The backwash flow must be piped to the nearest drain or garden area.
  • If the unit being installed is an automatic version, a dedicated electrical supply must be positioned within 750mm of the unit’s motor housing and above the unit to avoid water saturation of the electrical system during backwashing and routine maintenance.
  • Do not overtighten any bolts – max 4Nm to avoid damaging the filter or gaskets
  • Make sure not to damage or crimp the main flange between the quickset Econnection and the filter unit during installation
  • The automatic units comes factory set to backwash weekly. This can be changed to suit the degree of fouling to either 4 Hours, 8 hours, 24 Hours, 1 Week or 1 Month.
  • Fouling will cause a water flow restriction if not backwashed timeously.
  • The manual backwash units need to be backwashed to suit the fouling.
  • We advise that you monitor the degree of fouling on the sieve due to the deteriorating physical quality of supplied water and backwash more often if needed. This will protect the sieve.
  • Installation must be in accordance with the manufactures specification and installer must read and abide by instruction as set down in the manufacturers “Operating and Installation Manual” supplied with the unit. Kindly give the client the installation instructions supplied with the unit and inform them as how to use the unit.