Judo JEF Ranges

Inline strainers

Back washable Grit Removal Filters

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  • The Judo JEF ranges – Manual Backwashing via bottom hand-wheel
  • Easy cleaning with dual vacuum channel technology
  • 100 micron stainless steel sieve for thorough filtration
  • Mechanical flush valve technology
  • Clear sight glass to enable you to observe the degree of fouling on the sieve
  • No interruption to the water supply while the backwashing process is engaged
  • Backwashing process operates on water pressure not flow rate so can be initiated while no water is running
  • Filter can be installed on a horizontal pipe run
  • Easily installed to new or existing properties with minimum disruption
  • Waste water can be utilised for irrigation purposes
  • Recommended for residential installations, shops, and apartments where the main incoming water line is not accessible
  • Quality guaranteed with German design & manufacture
  • Minimal pressure loss – only 0.2 bar on clean sieve
  • Available for hot water installations
Judo JEF Ranges | Amanzi

Installation and Operating Instructions: