Suspended solids

The gritty truth about suspended solids in our water

Suspended solids made up of sand, silica grits, stones, vegetation and particles from the decomposition of the municipal mains water pipework are becoming more and more prevalent in our water supply. Once these contaminants enter our water supply, the easiest way out is through our taps!

Day by day we hear of burst pipes occurring in ourneighbourhood, dumping kilograms of contaminants into our water supply, notwithstanding any fresh connections for new buildings erected where again the municipal mains are broken into allowing the soil, and whatever else is in the surrounding area to mix with our drinking water

We therefore are faced with the problem that although our water is of an acceptable quality when it leaves the municipal treatment works, by the time it reaches our taps it is contaminated with suspended solids, resulting in increased incidents of burst pipes, leaking taps and mixers, running toilets, shorter working lives for your appliances, not to mention the loss of our precious drinking water, something that South Africa can really not afford

One thing that we cannot take for granted is the health issue. The spores of micro-organisms, bacteria and pseudomonas which are carried along in the water flow find ideal breeding grounds in the beds of suspended solids which form in the bends of our piping infrastructure, valves, shower heads and aerators of our taps. Once these potentially dangerous microbes have taken root and begin to multiply they change our water from being a life sustaining element to an actual health hazard.

There is a solution and our grit removing filtration systems can help.