CWT Vulcan Anti-Scale System

Anti Lime-Scale

  • Stops new scale encrustations
  • Slowly and safely breaks down existing scale encrustations
  • Provides a protective metal carbonate layer on metallic pipes
  • Revolutionary capacitive impulse technology
  • Flat isolated impulse bands improve the transmission by up to 40%
  • Electronics sealed in an acrylic cast offering increased protection against humidity, moisture, temperature and dust
  • Works on all pipe types, copper, stainless steel, galvanised, plastic, PVC, PeX and composite
  • No chemicals or salt used in process – friendly to the environment
  • Savings on cleaning chemicals and your time
  • Restores your original pressure as it clears the scales encrustations blocking your piping system
  • Restores your original flow rate as it clears the scales encrustations blocking your piping system
  • Saves you money on energy costs – 1mm of scale build up on your heating elements represents a 15% loss in efficiency, and 1mm of scale build up in your pipe work absorbs 10% of the heat energy from your water
  • Maintenance free with DIY installation
  • Extremely energy efficient with units operating on between 1.75 – 3.25 watts
  • Available for pipe bore sizes up to 500mm
  • 10 year International warranty with a life expectancy exceeding 30 years
  • German quality manufactured by a family business for 30 years