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Water pollution

Preventing SA’s Water Shortages

Water Shortage South Africa

Maintenance and management could save us from running dry Most of South Africa’s current water supply…

What water stewardship can do for corporates

South Africa Water Crisis

Meeting South Africa’s water challenges MORE has been said than done about meeting South Africa’s water…

SA’s trillion-rand water infrastructure backlog

SA’s trillion-rand water infrastructure backlog

This was the first of CBN’s series of three exclusive round table discussions. This addressed the…

Heavy rain raises Cape Town’s dam levels to 90%

Heavy rain raises Cape Town’s dam levels to 90%

Dam levels Cape Town’s recent winter rain has significantly impacted the dam levels, which currently sits…

Cut water costs – The drought is over and the costs and tariff debt is crippling residents and businesses

Water down the drain cut water costs

It is disappointing that water tariff will further increase next year, in spite of rising debts…

Why full dams don’t mean water security

Lesotho Highlands Water Project

If people see full dams, can they be persuaded to reduce their water use? After good…

Replacing Cuban engineers with locals will not solve municipal water problems

municipal water problems

A more systemic solution is needed to ensure competent managers make the decisions – in Opinion…

Dangerous levels of pollution in Cape Town’s water bodies – report

Water pollution

City of Cape Town plans to rehabilitate and restore these bodies of water “in line with…