Judo Grit Removal Filters – Technology

Inline Strainers

  1. Patented “Point of Rotation” system with its generated dual vortex effect gives a superior 1:1 cleaning ratio, allowing the offset suction cleaning arms to remove stubborn sediment from the surface of the sieve while integral wipers clean the internal glass surface of the viewing chamber as the system rotates around the sieve *(see below)
  2. The filter body is constructed from aeronautical grade anti-shock materials giving both strength and a longer working life for the filter unit
  3. The stainless steel 100 micron sieve removes suspended solids from the water flow in via it’s fine woven structure and has an additional anti-bacterial nano silver coating to help to stop the growth of micro-biological organisms on the surface of the sieve in between backwash cycles
  4. Units come with either manual or automatic backwash options giving you the choice of economy or convenience without compromising efficiency and with the added protection of a manual override on the automatic options
  5. An optional protective automatic sensor (Pressure Differential) provides an additional safety measure against sudden influxes of suspended matter such as a municipal pipe burst in between cleaning cycles
  6. Backwashing Relies On Pressure not Water Flow so the water supply into the building remains live at all times and flow remains virtually unaffected
  7. Degree of dirt build up can be clearly observed through the clear 360⁰ viewing glass so you can monitor the units degree of fouling and backwash timeously
  8. No chemicals used, so backwash waste water can be reclaimed for irrigation or after settlement back into the water supply
Judo Technology

As simple as running a vacuum cleaner over a carpet!

point rotation system

As soon as the operator initiates the cleaning cycle by turning the top hand wheel, a valve in the bottom of the filter unit is released and from there a vacuum is generated in the cleaning arms and jet nozzles.

The majority of the sieves surface is still able to process the contaminated water flow through its mesh surface processing clean uncontaminated water into the inner chamber of the sieve.

The suction through the jet nozzles then pulls the “cleaned” water back through the sieve pushing the contaminants off and out of the sieve’s mesh.

The offset cleaning arms are designed that with three complete turns of the top hand wheel the entire surface of the sieves mesh will be covered and then as an extra precaution, and to de-activate the cleaning cycle, the hand wheel which by then would have reached a stop is reversed with three turns to the right to ensure the best cleaning possible with the smallest wastage of water.

No chemicals or salts are used in the back washing cycle so even the “waste” water can be reclaimed for irrigation or other such usages.

Offset Point of Rotation cleaning arms travelling around the sieve mesh, sucking off contaminants.

Offset Point of Rotation
Offset Point of Rotation
Offset Point of Rotation
Offset Point of Rotation
Offset Point of Rotation
judo technology