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Water Purification

Drinking Water Treatment Technologies for Household Use

Filtration is a physical process that occurs when liquids, gases, dissolved or suspended matter adhere to the surface of an absorbent medium.

lime scale
Water Purification

Problem of lime scale in our water supply

The Vulcan system is a unique eco-friendly technology, employing modulating electronic impulses to modify the crystalline structure of Calcium and Magnesium ions.

Water Purification

Problem of suspended solids in our water

The quantity of suspended solids, such as silica and grit in our water supply is increasing daily and authorities are not in a position to reverse the trend.

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Drinking pure water is one of the easiest way to improve your health, vitality and mental performance.  Water also plays a vital role in muscle tone, skin health and regulation of body temperature – the catch… Only filtered water will ensure you stay healthy. Remove chlorine, bacteria and contaminants from your drinking water. We provide inline water filters. Purification and quality of water – please browse through our product section for more information regarding the filters that best suit your needs.

Our range of products & services

product point of use | Claus water specialists
Point of use purifiers

For the purification of municipal drinking water supplies, point of use filters are the most cost effective system available, costing a fraction of a cent to purify a litre of water.

product point of entry water purification | Claus water specialists
Point of entry purifiers

This is a filtration system that is connected at the point of entry of your water feed to a building thus protecting the whole water reticulation.

ground water purifier | Claus water specialists
Ground water purifiers

Due to our water shortage which is a global problem. Ground water being boreholes, wellpoint’s and other sources can be utilized to supplement or take you off the council water grid.

reverse osmosis | Claus water specialists
Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a water purification technology that uses a semipermeable membrane to remove ions, molecules and larger particles from drinking water.

water testing lab | Claus water specialists
Water testing lab

South Africa’s water is a scarce resource, this fact may sometimes force us to rely on alternative sources to municipal supply.

plumbing | Claus water specialists
Plumbing & quality control

Plumbing installations and issuing of COCT plumbing compliance certificates. We do inspections for the client, engineers or architects.

product inline | Claus water specialists
Inline water strainers

It is recommended that an inline strainer be installed to all plumbing systems to prevent the blocking of shower heads and faucet filters.

electronic anti-scale system - solution to hard water
Electronic anti lime-scale system

The Vulcan provides you with an eco-friendly water treatment system which protects your water pipes and equipment against rust and lime scale.

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Why Water Purification is important?

We become our environment. It is a saying that holds so many truths when we look at our water supply. More and more we see family and friends diagnosed  with severe health problems. We just need to look at the health of our air, water, soil and food, to find out who the culprits are. You would wonder why we have not focused on this before. Having pure, clean drinking water that nourishes the body should be something we will not compromise on. Have you seen what our oceans, streams, dams and other natural water areas look like? They are filled with pollutants, plastic, bacteria and harmful chemicals. Making health a difficult thing to strive for.


Here are 4 reasons why water purification of our drinking water is important:

  1. It is good for the environment. No more buying of plastic water bottles.
  2. It is good for your health.
  3. It saves you money on your plumbing and pipes.
  4. It is convenient.


If you are serious about your health and that of your families, consider investing in one of our water purification systems. It might be the best investment you ever make.

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