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Water testing lab

When to test your water and why

South Africa’s water is a scarce resource, this fact may sometimes force us to rely on alternative sources to municipal supply. Whether you draw your water from a borehole, well point, dam or river; it is best to determine whether the water quality is up to standard for your use. Comprehensive water analysis or water testing is the only way to determine this.

With a municipal supply the water is regulated within a guideline to ensure a reasonable quality, this generally negates the need to have it tested. With exceptions such as failing infrastructure or high mineral contents, some areas may have largely differing water qualities with higher amounts of salts or hardness, potentially damaging appliances and piping throughout a household.

How to take a water sample

Take a clean plastic or glass bottle of at least 1 litre, and fill it all the way to the top leaving no room for air. Write your details on a sticker on the bottle. When testing a borehole let the water run for 5 to 10 minutes to allow stagnant water to be flushed out. Keep the sample cool and away from direct sunlight and refrigerate if possible. Deliver to the lab as soon as possible. Request a Comprehensive Drinking Water Analysis with Microbiological.