Problem with lime-scale in our water

Scale, the silent killer

Scale, which is initially made up of Calcium and Magnesium crystals that have come out of solution in the water flow, due to pressure or temperature changes is a problem encountered world-wide. The damage caused to piping, fixtures and fittings can be enormous and the problem is that this happens internally; – nobody can see the severity until it is too late.

Calcium and Magnesium are naturally in all water to varying degrees, bleached from rocks such as limestone. The three dimensional Calcium and Magnesium ions carry both a positive and negative charge and therefore attract the positive and negative charges of other ions, forming encrustations of “scale”. Everybody has seen the “furred” up element in a kettle, or the stubborn water marks on mirrors or shower doors.

Conclusion: Scale is bad so we must remove the calcium and magnesium from our water …. or should we?

Calcium and Magnesium are both essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, most of us take supplements to increase our intake of these and many other minerals, so why not just take away these minerals ability to manufacture scale?

The capacitive impulse technology from Christiani Wassertechnik GmbH (CWT) actually changes the make-up of the Calcium and Magnesium ions, converting them into simple mono-crystals with one positive and one negative end meaning they can only form strings that are then washed away with the water flow

No more ion exchange which removes the Calcium and Magnesium with twice the amount of sodium ions – certainly not good for your health – as well as making the water acidic and therefore corrosive to your pipework, fixtures and fittings.

CWT offers a tested maintenance free solution to the scale problem, and will even help with systems that have been exposed to scale build-up for years, slowly eating away at the existing scale deposits to give you back your original water flow and pressure.