The Vulcan Anti Scale System


The Vulcan anti-scale system, manufactured by CWT in Berlin, Germany has been producing anti-scale systems for over 30 years. The Vulcan system is a unique eco-friendly technology, employing modulating electronic impulses to modify the crystalline structure of calcium and magnesium ions from a complex “sticky” snowflake configuration into a simple cylindrical mono-crystal with positive / negative ends that can only form strings and therefore not cluster together to form encrustations.

The Vulcan system does not employ any additives or chemicals (such as salt in ion exchange systems) and leaves the healthy minerals Calcium & Magnesium in the water. Also it does not “soften” the water, only stops the formation of scale encrustations. This means that as well as being healthier, the water is also not as corrosive as soft water, therefore giving double protection to your appliances and pipework.

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Installation video

The way that the Vulcan works is a three part process:-

1. The modulating electronic frequencies modify the crystalline structure of the Calcium and Magnesium ions so that they cannot clump and form scale encrustations. These mono-crystals are then carried away in the water stream, therefore leaving the healthy minerals in the drinking water.

The Vulcan Anti Scale System

2. Due to the chemical reaction of changing the complex crystals to the mono-crystals (Ca(HCO)+ Vulcan CaCO+ (COHO) Carbonic acid) there is an increase in the amount of Carbonic acid in the water. This Carbonic acid then acts to dissolve the already encrusted scale in the pipes/elements/appliances, reversing the prior trend of scale growth.

The Vulcan Anti Scale System

3. Once the scale encrustations have been removed, the Carbonic acid then coats the metallic surfaces of the pipework and appliances with a protective metal-carbonate layer to act against further corrosion.

The Vulcan Anti Scale System

The Vulcan system only requires an electrical connection and an exposed length of pipe to install. There is no cutting into the pipe required as the system is fitted to the outside of the pipe. Once fitted there is no more attention necessary, the unit will silently and continuously produce it’s bouquet of frequencies through the pipe to the water flow. The Vulcan system works on all types of pipe (Copper/Metallic, Plastic or Composite) independent of water flow or velocity, operating on between 2- 3.25 watts (approx. R100-120/annum) and carries a 10 year International warrantee.

The projected return on investment can be from as little as 18 months, especially with the increase in electricity costs – 1mm of scale build-up on the pipe results in a 10% energy loss, and 1mm build-up on a heating element (such as in your geyser, coffee machine or kettle) results in an excess of 15% inefficiency, even without taking into consideration the cost of cleaning material, labour and the extended working life of appliances and pipework.

Another major consideration is the health factor as scale encrustations provide a perfect breeding ground for biofilm – composed of bacteria and micro-organisms such as legionaries’ disease – and other organic contaminants. By removing the scale build-ups, these contaminants have no chance of taking root and multiplying


Vulcan – Designed to protect you, your property, your machinery and appliances