Sediment 20 Inch Big Blue 1 Micron Cartridges




The Big blue 20 inch Melted-Spray sediment filter is usually the first stage in a water filtration system, and fits into all standard 20 inch Big Blue housing alongside activated carbon, GAC, KDF, pleated and other specialised filters.

A 1 micron filter is the finest/ tightest knit of all the sediment filters and will give perfect water but should be the last filter in a triple blue otherwise will clog quickly especially with dirty water.

It serves to remove visible dirt particles such as mud, rust, and sand from the water. The melted-spray filter cartridge has a multi-layer structure and is self-bonded, thus not making use of a chemical binder.

The Big Blue 20 inch sediment filter will not remove bacteria or micro-organisms from water. This is why the 20 inch sediment filter often works alongside with an ultrafiltration membrane or ultraviolet light filter to kill and remove bacteria from water.
The Big Blue 20 inch melted-spray sediment filter is available in 1, 5, 20 um (Microns).

– High performance water purification system
– Micro straining melted-blown filtration
– Strong construction F.D.A compliant
– High removal rating
– Longer life service
– High contaminant holding capacity
– 100% polypropylene, melt-blown thermal bond fiber 20 inch Big Blue cartridge.

Dimensions 11cm x 11cm x 51cm
Weight: 0.6Kg
Maintenance: Should be replaced every 4 – 10 months depending on water usage and water quality, in order to prevent bacterial growth from occurring on the filter.

What’s in the box
1 x 1 Micron Big Blue Sediment Filter


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