Point of use purifiers – Single Filter Unit

For the purification of municipal drinking water supplies, point of use filters are the most cost effective system available, costing a fraction of a cent to purify a litre of water.

This system protects end point fixtures , including separate drinking faucet, coffee machine, fridges and others.

Point of use filters actively remove suspended particles, taste and odour, chlorine, bacteria and viruses and improves the clarity of your water. Point of use water filters can be purchased in a number of configurations depending on your home plumbing and volume of water required each day and your budget.


-NW BR-10F-G filter with PP cartridge
-NW BR-10F-H filter with CTO cartridge
-NW BR-10F-I filter with GAC cartridge
-NW BR-10F-J filter with CRM cartridge
-NW BR-10F-K filter with GAC+KDF cartridge
-NW BR-10F-TBL Table kit excluding Filters and filter unit.


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